RT instance not sending On create autoreply email, but sends any other scrip's email but not to CC & Watchers.. SOLVED

Thank you for your advice, I had almost half of a day today trying to
solve the problem but finally we found it (by accident):
The guy who was translating the templates made a mistake:
Instead of using "# {$Ticket->id()} " he somehow managed to write { #
{$Ticket->id()} .
The problem is there were no error messages, no nothing stating that
the template can’t be processed … it just simply stopped functioning.
Couldn’t find anything in the logs… they are on debug :slight_smile:

Hope this info helps someone, someday: double check your templates
guys/girls =) don’t waste ~1,5 days on it like i did… =S


Ken Crocker kfcrocker@lbl.gov írta (2009. április 29. 18:52):