RT install question

To all Install experts,

I have a couple questions about the configure parameters for installing

  1. What does “–with-PACKAGE[=yes]” do for me?
  2. What does “–with-my-user-group” do exactly?
  3. Do I need “–with-apachectl”? What happens if I don’t use this

That’s it for now. We’ve created a new zone on a Solaris machine. We’ll
be using Oracle 10.x (latest) and modperl.

This installation will hopefully allow me to stave off those here that
want us to BUY a PPM software package.

I’m hoping this 3.8.4 version will impress them enough to wait for RT
4.0 (hoping it includes some real good capacity/resource planning and
other portfolio management reports).

Fingers crossed.