RT install on OS X


Thank you SO MUCH for the helpful suggestions! I got a little farther

I’m now stuck on installing some of the dependencies:
DBD::mysql 2.1018 and Apache::Request
Because of the missing modules, make initialize-database doesn’t work.

I downloaded libapreq2 from the apache site, as suggested. I can’t get
it to “work” when I need it to so that the Apache::Request will work. -
It seems to still go look for and get libapreq-1.3 from Joe I can’t
find the file to change the setting so it won’t download THAT file.

I’d like to get this working on my laptop before I try it on the server
(different operating systems Mac OS 10.3.4 client on the laptop, server
on the server) Do you think it will be any easier installing it on the

Thanks for any help!