RT in a subdirectory (nginx)

Hello everyone,

I had to move my RT installation from subdomain to a directory on the
domain website (support.example.comexample.com/support).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it with nginx since all the nginx
examples are for installation in the root of the website, even
rt-extension-nginx has some placeholders in the templates, but in
reality it does not work if WebPath is set.

I solved my problem temporarily by installing Apache (mod_fastcgi to
externally run rt-server.fcgi - the same one as nginx would use) and
reverse-proxying the RT subdir from nginx, but it’s really not something
I’d like to keep in the long term.

Has anybody managed to configure nginx for RT in this way? If not, I’ll
investigate what differences there are in FastCGI requests between
Apache and nginx and how to fix it, but I’d rathern not reinvent the wheel.

best regards,
Borut Mrak.