RT/Handle.pm not found in @INC - rt3

Hey all,
Having a problem with the web fe of RT3. On accessing the page apache
spits out an error to the effects of ‘Can’t locate RT/Handle.pm @INC
(<>) … RT.pm line 108’.
Normally I would think this a permissions problem, however, in the
pursuit of getting it working I gave the directory structure r-x

Current setup is OpenBSD current on sparc64, perl 5.8.0, apache 1.3 with
mod_perl1 and postgresql 7.3.2.
The config, module installation and RT installation worked without a
hitch, but I’m stuck now and unable to find anything related other than
permission based.
I’m fairly certain my httpd.conf is ok, though I might be screwing
something up there.

Any input would be appreciated.