RT for TT2?

I don’t know how much you know about the Tempalte Toolkit 2. If you
haven’t already, you should realy take a look at it.

It’s extreamly flexible. It supports many styles of templating. And
I don’t talk about changing the markup tags, but the way to build up
the website.

It is a given building block, just as DBI. And it’s realy easy.


This is a paper about the template toolkit, version 1:


And then you have looked at all the cool features of TT2, you will
have to look at even more amazing things for 2.01. I have put up the docs
for an early prerelease for 2.01 here:


Personally, I think that the new Views concept is very exciting. :slight_smile:

… And it’s just one of many, many ways to do it.

/ Jonas - Jonas Liljegren