RT Firewall Requirements

Hi all,

I’m looking to set up a fresh instance of RT - which ports need to be open on the firewall for RT to run correctly ?

incoming 22 - ssh for remote management
incoming 80/443 - for web access
outgoing 25 - for smtp sendmail

am I missing anything ?

You will definitely want Incoming 25 for SMTP as well. In order to respond to a ticket via email, RT must be able to accept the email message. Otherwise, RT processes everything via HTTP/HTTPS, so your config looks good.

Best bet is to test it when you’re done, and you probably don’t want to expose SSH to the public Internet.

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You don’t necessarily have to open up port 25 inbound, that’s only required if the host running RT is also running a mail server to handle inbound RT emails. But if you don’t run an MTA on this host, you need to open at least one of 110/tcp, 143/tcp, 993/tcp or 995/tcp, along with 25/tcp - all outbound - to allow some form of mail fetching using e.g. getmail(1) and then mail sending using an MTA of some sort.