RT filter for outgoing mail


we migrated from 3.8.7 to 4.2.9 and see that the way RT handles
email adresses from queues changed.

In 3.8.7 a a mail address was removed when there was match with the
RTAddressRegexp or the the address was configured in the

This still happen in 4.2.9 but now the outgoing mail
is also filtered. But we configured our mail system
especially to handle mails from one queue to another,
so we don’t want this filter

So is it okay to create a file SendEmail_Local.pm and remove these lines

    Callback => sub {
        return unless RT::EmailParser->IsRTAddress( $_[0] );
        return "$_[0] appears to point to this RT instance. Skipping";
    All => 1,



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