RT-Extension-ResetPassword changes/diff file

Forgive me if I am breaking any standing protocol with this post, this
is my first post to the rt-devel list.

Thank you to chaka and doogles from the IRC channel for pointing out
RT-Extension-ResetPassword, it was exactly what I was looking for. I
made some changes that make it fit in better with the feel of RT. chaka
asked me to post it to the rt-devel list, but I could not find any info
for the lists protocol.

I have put the diff file and a copy of my files at:
The zip file contains the individual files, taken directly from my RT
server (i.e. same file structure present)

I hope this is acceptable, and if not I would appreciate it if someone
let me know what I did wrong.

You can see the changes in action at:



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