Hi everybody,

we use RT 4.2.12 since 2 months and it works just fine.

We recently installed Repeat Ticket 1.10.
I read all the articles about this extension but I still don’t understand
how it really works.

We have a ticket and we set the recurrence:
Every Week on Monday with a ticket lead time 7 and concurrent 1.

The cron job starts every day at 5.15 AM without type.
System repeats this ticket on thursday, then we close and next day repeat it

I undestand that we must pay attention at the ticket lead time.
If it set to 7, means 7 days before due date a ticket is generated.
So let’s try null value. The system must generate the ticket the day of the
recurrence is set.
No chance, it 's all day generated too. I can set 2,1 or 0 in the ticket
lead time, the ticket is always generated before those days lead time.

I know that if i change the cronjob with the ticket number it works.
Add the type in the cronjob is not a good solution because we lost the
"today" value and how it will work if we have --type weekly and the cronjob
works on monday but the recurrence is set on friday ?
System repeats the ticket 4 days before we want.

We want a ticket to be repeated every monday but this day and not before.
How must we set the recurrence ?

I know we can re-open ticket (cronjob) with status stalled but we don’t want
always the same ticket. We want a new so we can set the right work time for
that ticket.


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I continue analysing the behavior of the extension RepeatTicket.
First our environment: Ubuntu 15.04 / RT 4.2.12 mod perl / RepeatTicket 1.10

Example weekly.
For only one day if you set a ticket lead time different than 0, 7, 14,
21… the ticket are not repeated.
I don’t know why we can not set a ticket lead time different than those

If you set in weekly options all days with a ticket lead time of 2, 3, 4, 5
or 6 it always work.
If you only set 3,4 or 5 days with a ticket lead time of 2,3,4,5 or 6 it
works only one time.

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