Has anyone else tried the QuickDelete extension?

I’ve been trying it on my 3.8.2 dev instance, and for the most part it
seems to be working; I get a Delete tab on the ticket reply page, at
least. But from looking at the code, it seems that the intention was
that a Delete link should also appear on some search result panels, if
the format is configured correctly. I know some users would love to
be able to do that, but thus far I don’t seem to be able to make it
work. I’ve set the $DefaultSearchResultFormat variable as requested
in the README for the extension, but that didn’t seem to make any
difference; the portlets and search results all look the same as they
always did. When should that take effect?

I wrote a small script to examine the contents of the portlets as they
exist within the Attributes table, and none of those mention the
Delete column - do I need to update those portlet records with a new
Format sub-value? The README suggests that there should have been a
database update phase during installation (make initdb) but that
makefile target does not exist, and there don’t appear to be any data
files suitable for inserting into the database anyway.

Clearly I’m missing something, but at present I’m a bit flummoxed as
to what.



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