Is anybody using this extension with RT version 4.4.4? If so, has it worked well or do you have challenges?

Are you having issues with it? My experience is it works correctly

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Hi knation, thanks for the feedback.

We were looking for an extension to assist us in forcing users to specify/complete certain CF’s and I suggested this one. However, I was told by one of our support guys that when he enabled the extension it “broke” RT but I think he confused it with a different extension. I just wanted to be sure of my facts before I push back on the issue. :wink:

We’ve been using it for a while and no problems here.
Hurray for 0.18 and (custom) role support.


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I note on this post: One of the custom field is coming twice while resolving a ticket that craig refers to RT::Extension::CustomFieldsOnUpdate which was first released in 2016.

I assume this one is also still working as well?

If you use mandatory on transition then you don’t need that extension since mandatory on transition supports the config options for $ShowAllCustomFieldsOnMandatoryUpdate

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Thanks for the feedback Jeff

Thanks for the advice knation, I will pass on your comments.