RT Email config for Google Apps


I’m currently looking for a solution to keep record of everything in the
company I work for.

As of today, RT is the solution I decided to give a try and present to
the head offices. But my only problem now is in the email config.

For info I decided to set up a Ubuntu server and use Postfix as the
mailing system.

The company I work for has decided to use Google Apps services,
including the email boxes.
So if I want to get RT working with everything I should definitely get
along with Goolge services.

So far, I’m already used to deal with GNU/Linux systems for desktop
computing or lightweight LAMP servers.
But frankly I have no knowledge in email servers and Ticketing Systems.

Since I’m still in the testing phase I’m using a GMail account to deal
with this but I barely understand how to configure postfix so that
rt-mailgate can communicate via Google.

I tried and followed several how-tos to configure Postfix with Google
Apps without success.

The one that seemed promising is this one:

So, I’m looking for some help for getting everything running smoothly.

Best regards,


Vincent Beau

  1. RT Email config for Google Apps (Vincent Beau)

You could use Google Apps to create a mailbox (like “rt”) on Google’s
servers. Then the RT’s email address would be “rt@yourdomain”. Then
login to that mailbox on G-Apps and create some filters so that mail
sent to different queues would be labelled differently. If you have a
"support" queue, for example, set a filter at Google so that all mail
sent to “rt+support@yourdomain” will have the actions “Skip Inbox” and
"Label : Support." Mail sent to “rt+support-comment@yourdomain” will
have the actions “Skip Inbox” and “Label : Support-Comment.”

Then go into the Settings of the “rt” user’s G-Apps account and enable
IMAP service.

Then run fetchmail as a daemon on your linux server where RT is
installed. Your /etc/fetchmailrc file might look like this:

set daemon 60
set invisible
set no bouncemail
set no syslog
set logfile /var/log/fetchmail

poll imap.gmail.com
proto IMAP service 993 user rt@YOURDOMAIN pass YOURPASSWORD
folder Support ssl
mda “/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --url http://YOUR-RT-URL/rt --queue
Support --action correspond”

poll imap.gmail.com
proto IMAP service 993 user rt@YOUDOMAIN pass YOURPASSWORD
folder Support-Comment ssl
mda “/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --url http://YOUR-RT-URL/rt --queue
Support --action comment”

You would have a pair of “poll” config lines like that above for each
Queue. Those lines would be for your “Support” queue and you replace
the things in ALLCAPS with your appropriate things.

Doing this way lets all the mail pile up at Google, then your RT just
goes and sucks down the appropriate unread messages into each queue
every minute, creating a ticket for each one and leaving the read
messages on the G-Apps servers.

We use our server as an inbound gateway, passing through any non-RT (or mailman)
addresses to Google Apps. the Google Apps servers are also listed as
lower priority
MX entries for our domain.

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