RT customization advice and/or quote requested


I would like to request some advice with regard to adding some features
to RT. We are looking into doing this ourselves or perhaps outsource it.
Each ticket that is created in RT must be linked to a ticket (HDI) in
our project management system.

Basically I want to have “Create HDI” button which will execute a script
that inserts a new record into an external MySQL database and redirects
you to another page in a new window using the insert ID from the new
record. In order to do this each ticket in RT must have three pieces of

CompanyID (custom field for a Requestor in RT)
ProjectID (custom field for a Ticket in RT)
TaskID (custom field for a Ticket in RT)

To keep this user-friendly we want to have the ability to select a
Project and Task using a drop down list. The flow of the process must be
something like this.

  1. New ticket is created and linked to a known Requestor (if not we have
    to manually modify the Requestor this is not a problem).

  2. If CompanyID custom field is set for the Requestor that value must be
    used to generate the options for the Project drop down list. These
    options must be gathered using an MySQL query.

  3. When a Project is selected from the drop down list a second drop down
    list must be populated. Again this will be done using a MySQL query and
    the value from the Project drop down list.

This will require some AJAX functionality. The second drop down list
must be populated after a value is selected from the first. Now when
both drop down lists are selected a button with “Create HDI” must be
shown or activated (maybe greyed out prior). This button must execute a
script that will insert a new row to an external database and it also
must set a custom value called “HDI” for the ticket.

I have read in the manual that you can populate drop down lists with
external data. Only I have no idea if it is at all possible to use the
value of another custom field in the script that will generate the hash
for the drop down options. And I also could not find information about
implementing some AJAX functionality to populate a second drop down list
using the value from another drop down list.

If there is a company or individual willing to offer a quote to
implement this you can contact us off list to discuss the details.

Kind regards,

Hans Vos



I have received a few replies of list but so far no solution. I have
been thinking about the problem I thought about a solution that might be
a lot easier to implement.

I have already sent an e-mail to Best Practical for a quote but I would
like to extend the same offer to all participants on the list. Here are
the requirements.

As mentioned we need to to link RT to our project management system. In
this system we have tickets called help desk items (HDI).

We would like RT to create a new HDI when a new ticket is created in RT
(for specified queues). The ID of the HDI must be set in a normal custom
field for a ticket.

I have looked into this and I think this can be done by making a custom
template with some Perl scripting with the following functionality.

  1. A user (requestor) in RT has a custom field called “CompanyID”. This
    is the unique identifier for a customer in project management system.
  2. We want to have a custom script with a custom template that gets
    triggered using the “On Create” event of a ticket. The template must
    do the following:
    1. Fetch the CompanyID of the requestor that is assigned to a
      ticket. If it is not available exit the template.
    2. Insert a new record in an external MySQL database. This query
      will use the CompanyID of the requestor and the subject and body
      of a ticket.
    3. Retrieve the insert ID of the MySQL query and assign the value
      of that ID to a custom field of the ticket.

That is it. Now we should have a link to the HDI on the display page of
a ticket which is exactly what we need.

We must be able to assign this custom template to a queue (not global)
but I believe this functionality is already available in RT.

Met vriendelijke groet / Best regards,

Hans Vos

System Administrator

E h.vos@drecomm.nl

T 050-577 5822


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