Rt-crontool usage question?

We are using RT to manage a deployment of ~600 routers. Everything is great
so far and the workflow is working exactly as expected. We have used the
saved searches to help with reconciliation and reporting to the customer.

However, I would like to use the rt-crontool to run some of the saved
searches to automatically send CSV tables to people on a daily basis instead
of manually running the searches. Is this possible? I would assume running
the saved search is possible but is it also possible to get the output to
CSV? And finally, is it possible to get the CSV using the patch on the WIKI
for only the selected field (
Request Tracker Wiki).

Now I’m not asking for people to do all the work for me, I’ve been getting
my hands dirty with RT already, I’m just wondering if I’m spinning my wheels
for a process that will only go on for the next 2 months. SO if someone has
done something like this, their input would be appreciated.


Mike Coakley
Managed Business
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