Rt-crontool to move the ticket to another queue based on the Due Date

I have a requirement to move the tickets from a Queue to a different Queue if the Duedate is less than 2 Hours.
If the Duedate of a ticket is 14:00:00 and the current time(execution time of rt-cront) is 16:00:00 or say 16:30:00, the ticket should be moved to another queue…

Here is the query that I am trying:

rt-crontool --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg “Queue=‘Default’ AND (Status=‘new’ OR Status=‘open’) Due<‘2 hours ago’” --condition RT::Condition --action RT::Action::SetQueue --action-arg “Escalation” --verbose --transaction last

I do not get any error. I tried to look at syslog, messages and the output of rt-crontool.

Please help!

This is resolved. I had to just remove --condition option :slight_smile: