Rt-crontool : SQL query

I want to use Rt-crontool to modify tickets automaticaly.
When a creator has not answered within 15 days, the ticket is resolved.

So I do this :
/opt/rtms/bin/rt-crontool --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg "(Queue = 9) AND (Status = ‘stalled’ OR Status = ‘open’) AND LastUpdated > ‘15 days ago’ AND Creator != LastUpdatedBy " --action RT::Action::SetStatus --action-arg resolved

I did some tests and I noticed that it ignores these fields : “Creator” and “LastUpdatedBy”
What is wrong ?


I don’t believe variable values are supported on the right side of the query, you can paste the query in the web UI’s search builder on the advanced tab to see that the query is valid and returns the expected results.

It does look like there is a branch to add this feature on github but it hasn’t been merged yet.

Indeed, you’re right.
So I’ll try to do this with a perl script.