Rt-crontool errors with rt3.8.1 using RT::Search::FromSQL

Upgraded from RT 3.6.x to 3.8.1 the other day. The upgrade was
actually a clean install of RT, and the necessary db changes. I use
rt-crontool to do a few things like un-stall tickets using TicketSQL.
Here’s an example:

–search RT::Search::FromSQL
“Status = ‘resolved’
AND Queue = ‘Incoming’
AND Owner != ‘Nobody’”
–action RT::Action::AutoOpen

When either runs, they fail with:

Wed Oct 29 12:24:48 2008] [crit]: Can’t call method “Message” on an
undefined value at /usr/local/lib/rt38/RT/Action/AutoOpen.pm line 77.
Can’t call method “Message” on an undefined value at
/usr/local/lib/rt38/RT/Action/AutoOpen.pm line 77.
28776: Processing without transaction, some conditions and actions may
fail. Consider using --transaction argumentCondition matches

This user appears to have the same issue:


Doing what it suggestes, which is adding --transaction to my run seems
to work. However, I don’t understand its description:

“–transaction - Specify if you want to use either ‘first’, ‘last’ or
’all’ transactions”

If I chose ‘last’ would this mean that my TicketSQL statement would
only look at the last (meaning most recent?) transaction for a ticket
and act on it?