RT::Client::REST and replacing the contents of a custom field

Hi all,

I am trying to use the RT::Client::REST perl module to interact with a
custom field called “group” which allows for the selection of multiple

I am having great success in adding a value (even the same value) to
the field but no success in subtracting or removing values from the

Has anyone had any success in using this client to remove one or more
values from a field?

Thanks for your time,


Code shown below:

Snippet 1:

sub update_cfield {

my $ticket;

# Ticket to update
my $id = shift;

# CF field name to update
my $field = shift;

# Value to update field with
my $value = shift;

$ticket = RT::Client::REST::Ticket->new(
    rt => $rt,
    id => $id,
    cf => { $field => [$value], },

} # End update ecs area subroutine

Snippet 2:

            $rt->edit( type => 'ticket', id => $id, set => {

$field => $field_value});

Two possible code types but both seem to add not replace the existing
selection of a custom field that can be