RT and mail loops

hello again,

background: viewing a number of tickets results in 100% cpu, 100% memory
usage, dead server.
to the point where there’s a script that runs every minute killing
runaway httpd processes.

the problem we’re experiencing is because the tickets have a LARGE
number of transactions, due to a mail loop.


SELECT COUNT(id) FROM Transactions WHERE ObjectId=30514
= 1,186

then doing a
SELECT COUNT(id) FROM Attachments WHERE TransactionId=?
for each of the entries in the Transactions table
= 169,328

little wonder it hurt the server.

does RT have any built-in mail-loop detection?

is it possible to set a hard limit on the number of transactions that
can be added to a ticket?
for our RT install i wouldn’t see any problems setting this limit to
1,000 transactions

is it possible for a future version of RT to implement paging for
viewing ticket transactions?
for example, only show 100 transactions per page, with a "next page"
button or similar navigation.



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