Rt and Mac OSX panther server

My adventures with OS X Panther and rt

After a couple of re-installs of the os and variations on compiling and
installing I come to the list of
wisdom for guidance. I have read about problems with DBI and DBD perl modules
with Panther -
along with lines of threaded versions vs non threaded. I have also read of
problems using gcc3
instead of gcc2 when compiling the modules. I have gone through the
perl/threaded-darwin…/ env
config change. This fixed some issues while breaking others. I was able to
force install DBI - by
hand, but it never worked quite right and DBD still never installed. In fact
for the life of me I can’t
get these two to work in any way. It seems there is a dark road to travel to
get these components to
run under Panther.

I have a dual-1.25G4 Panther Server 10.3.2 all updates. I have compile my own
Apache 1.3.x, and
installed MySQl 4.x and they work fine. It is this perl issue that keeps
beating me down. While I
don’t usually noodle under the hood everyday, I don’t get lost when I get in
the trenches - until now

Is it worth fighting this battle? I have read, it seems, that most/some people
have it running on
10.2.8. Does this make installation easier due to earlier versions of
software? I don’t mind using
10.2.8 if this issue clear up. I do have a license for Jaguar Server at the

Thank you for your advice.

Peter N. Hein
Wright State University - CaTS - Network Services
Macintosh Software Specialist II
voice: 937.775.4949