RT added users by pulling them from the Email Account associated to the system

Hi all, I just installed an RT 4.4.4 system using the MariaDB package on Ubuntu 20.04.

Everything was fine so far but for using the email features we set Postfix and Fecthmail to handle all this. Then we associated an old email account we use for testings and then we realized the system added automatically all the user’s emails that where in the INBOX of the account regarding they actually created a ticket or not.

Actually, none of those emails were able to create tickets (as we did not grant them access in the system) but despite that the system added them in the database as possible future/past users.

The problem with this is that we will only use the RT system internally, which means we will only create tickets for/among the members of the Staff and right now when we want to create a ticket appears a LOT of people (majority External) in the suggestions of the CC/CCO fields.

Is there a way to purge the database from those users (I guess via MySQL CLI directly), but then is there a way to set the Suggested Email Script to only suggest the users that actually are granted to reply/create tickets and avoid the rest? For now it seems we can delete all the content from all the tables as we are setting it new, this would work as the email new account does not have any old email that Fecth could pull and then add to the database; but, in the short future we will have the same problem like today, we will have a lot of email suggestions that we dont want to have.

It is good the system to be able to send a confirmation to the External user when someone creates a ticket related to them, but in those fields we would like to make RT only pulls those suggestions from the list of Authorized users.

Any suggestions? I tried to be as much explicit as I can, but of course I am able to provide more info if needed.

Thank you to all in advance.


Use the shredder to purge the users