RT::Action::CreateTickets strangeness

I found the problem, the “Type” field needs to be set to “ticket”.
It seems that “Type” should be made a required field, or else have
it default to “ticket”.

-bradOn Thu, 10 Jul 2003, B. Bell wrote:

In a queue I will call “MSR”, I have a simple scrip set up to autocreate
tickets in another queue:
On Create Create Tickets with template Delivery Ticket Template
"Delivery Ticket Template" looks like this:
===Create-Ticket: msrdelivery
Queue: Delivery
Content: This is delivery for Ticket {$TOP->Id}, "{$TOP->Subject}"

Problem is, the autocreated tickets never show up. I thought at first
that they were not being created, but according to the debug log, they
were. If I type the new ticket number into the URL, I can see the ticket,
but there is no other way to make it show up, even by the root user!
It’s as if a reference to the ticket is missing in the database.

Any clues?


Putting “DependedOnBy: {$TOP->Id}” in a CreateTickets template does not
appear to work either.
Here’s what my template looks like:
===Create-Ticket: msrdelivery
Queue: Delivery
Type: ticket
DependedOnBy: {$TOP->Id}
Content: Delivery has been requested for the ticket listed in the subject.
That ticket cannot be resolved until this one is.

The Log message says:
Ticket 38 created in queue ‘Delivery’ by RT_System (/usr/share/perl5/RT/Ticket_Overlay.pm:608)
Assigned msrdelivery with 38
Handling links for 38
Skipping DependedOnBy link for 37 (non-existent)
Handling postponed actions for RT::Ticket=HASH(0x97fe5b0)
Ticket 37 created in queue ‘MSR’ by bbell (/usr/share/perl5/RT/Ticket_Overlay.pm:608)

Is this a bug?
I’m using the debian package, version 3.0.3.