RT 4.4 too noisy with denied users

Since RT 4.4 (as shipped by Debian 10/buster), I am getting bounces when a blocked user writes to RT.

In previous versions, we would “block” spammy users directly from the web interface, by unchecking the Let this user access RT box in the user Edit form. This was nice: RT admins could block the user from creating tickets without having to go on the commandline or config management to add a block rule in the MTA. The user would get a bounce, and we’d stop getting their junk.

But since 4.4., that behavior has changed, in this commit:

And indeed, this replicates the _NoAuthorizedUserFound functionality which was ripped out in that commit, which, as I understand it, was optional:

But now that behavior is enforced, and there’s no way to disable it. I think that’s a problem: we’re getting tens of bounces like this every night now.

So I would propose we revert that change, and have done so in this PR:

I would be fine with moving this into an (optional) plugin, but as an enforced mechanism, it seems really counter-productive…

Let me know if that should be reported to rt-bugs@bp.com instead! :slight_smile:

I filed this as a bug in Debian, in bug #951272.


It sounds like making which types of notifications should be sent to the OwnerEmail address a config variable would be one solution as well

sure, but that’s a much bigger piece of work than just reverting that patch or moving it to a plugin…

This is starting to look like a better solution now, because I’m also getting bounces for code that was not introduced in RT 4, but much, much earlier, see for example https://github.com/bestpractical/rt/commit/57e9ee19d40707c7c267002ef011eda3edfe492c which was introduced in 2003 (a90721aaa5). So hardly a regression… :confused:

I guess I would need to flip the switch on all those disabled users and find another way for RT admins to block users through the web interface?

Not totally sure about this but if you write your own mail plugin can you short circuit the existing MailError message.

use strict;
use warnings;
package RT::Interface::Email::Auth::TestMailPlugin;

use Role::Basic 'with';
with 'RT::Interface::Email::Role';

sub CheckACL {
    my %args = (
        Action        => undef,
        Message       => undef,
        CurrentUser   => undef,
        Ticket        => undef,
        Queue         => undef,

    # Send the reject email if user is disabled
    if ( $args{'CurrentUser'}->Disabled ) {
            Subject => "Permission Denied",
            Explanation => "You gave no right to create tickets",
            FAILURE => 1
return 1;



That may work, should be easy to test at least!

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thanks for the sample code! that’s great!

one problem i’m seeing is there are multiple places where RT can send such error messages… the latest find i got was an action plugin… but maybe the ACL would kick in before that?

in any case, that’s a great idea, and probably my next step, thanks again :slight_smile: