RT 4.4.4 - forward ticket missing outgoing text


We started with RT 4.0.19 some years ago, and upgraded from that version to version 4.4.4 last year. And it seems to work correctly, but there is an issue with forwarding ticket/transaction in RT 4.4.4.

In old RT 4.0.19 there was no input field available when you did a forward, you could only add reciever adress and CC adress. It was missing the possibility to send a message when you did a forward, to explain/add more info to the text sent.

But in RT 4.4.4 there is now a input field below the adress fields, when you choose to do a forward. But nothing I write in that input field is sent to the reciever. It only shows up in the ticket history inside RT as a transaction when forwarding.

Have I misunderstood the input field that’s available in the forward gui? Is it only meant for adding a new transaction inside the ticket in RT, and not to be sent out with the forward transaction?

We could not see any warnings/errors in the log from RT when doing a forward transaction in RT 4.4.4.

Any ideas?

Thanks, bye

Did you customize the forward template? Testing very quick it looks like my message I write is included before the quoted ticket or transaction


This is my template, nnn = just example text instead of real text. Perl type.

From: "nnnnnnn" <nnnnnt@nnnnn.nnnn>

This is a forward of ticket #{ $Ticket->id }.

Best regards

With this template if I write any text in that input field in the forward gui, that text does’nt show up for the person I forward to.

If I remove the line with $Ticket->id nothing is forward at all.

I’m not very strong in RT, hope someone can give me some ideas.

Thanks, bye

My template looks like this, maybe the template content wasn’t upgrade from 4.0?

{ $ForwardTransaction->Content =~ /\S/ ? $ForwardTransaction->Content : "This is a forward of ticket #". $Ticket->id }

Thank you very much! Now my text shows up when forwarding :smiley:

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