RT 4.4.3 Search tickets awaiting response

Greetings! I’m trying to create a search to find active tickets where the LastUpdatedBy is not equal to Owner so that I can see tickets potentially needing responses.

Oddly enough if I use: Owner != ‘LastUpdatedBy
My results show tickets where the owner is equal to LastUpdatedBy.

If I use: Owner = ‘LastUpdatedBy
I receive zero results which is very strange.

Any tips on a solution would be very appreciated. Thanks!

That search isn’t comparing the owner field to the LastUpdatedBy field: its looking for an owner that doesn’t match or matches the string “LastUpdatedBy”. As I’m guessing you don’t have a user called “LastUpdatedBy”, that is probably where its going wrong.

I’m not sure you can get TicketSQL to compare fields like that unfortunately.

You could create a column map that checks if owner is equal to last updated by:

@knation Thanks for the response! I’ll look into this more to see if I can figure it out. The more I think about this – I wonder if I should just create another status of ‘new response’ or something when a new response comes. That would probably be easier to search.

@GreenJimll Isn’t there an equivalent of a relative Owner field to search? The reason I ask is because I’ve setup an alert search with the following to see tickets I own that have been responded to:

Status = ‘Active’ AND Owner = ‘CurrentUser’ AND LastUpdatedBy != ‘CurrentUser

There is CurrentUser, but that’s effectively a constant value for that user. You can’t compare one field against another in TicketSQL as far as I know.