RT 4.4.1 -> 4.4.2 mysql database upgrade problem

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with mysql DB upgrade, could someone to advice me how to trobleshoot this issue?

make upgrade-database
Enter RT version you're upgrading from: 4.4.1

Going to apply following upgrades:
* 4.4.2

Enter RT version if you want to stop upgrade at some point,
  or leave it blank if you want apply above upgrades: 


Proceed [y/N]:y
Processing 4.4.2
Now populating database schema.
Now inserting database indexes.
[11411] [Sun Jan 31 09:20:02 2021] [critical]: Not a HASH reference at /home/aae/rt-4.4.4/sbin/.. /lib/RT/Config.pm line 1215, <DATA> line 960. (/home/aae/rt-4.4.4/sbin/../lib/RT.pm:408) Not a HASH reference at /home/aae/rt-4.4.4/sbin/../lib/RT/Config.pm line 1215, <DATA> line 960.
make: *** [Makefile:392: upgrade-database] Error 255

Reviewed lib/RT/Config.pm line 1215 …

1209     ServiceBusinessHours => {
1210         Type => 'HASH',
1211         PostLoadCheck   => sub {
1212             my $self = shift;
1213             my $config = $self->Get('ServiceBusinessHours');
1214             for my $name (keys %$config) {
1215                 if ($config->{$name}->{7}) {
1216                     RT->Logger->error("Config option \%ServiceBusinessHours '$name' erroneously  specifies '$config->{$name}->{7}->{Name}' as day 7; Sun        day should be specified as day 0.");
1217                 }
1218             }
1219         },
1220     },

SLA config doesn’t contain any option specified as day 7. Somewhere in DB?

Any ideas what’s wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help

At a guess, one of the parts of your ServiceBusinessHours config isn’t a hash. I think its $config->{$name} that its failing at, not the following ->{7}.

yes, you are right. I had a small syntax error in this section. @GreenJimll thanks a lot for your help