RT 4.0.2rc1 released

I’m happy to announce that RT 4.0.2rc1 is now available for testing.


SHA1 sums

a9447ff19cd61bba98d806e1f0d684b1b37ada7e rt-4.0.2rc1.tar.gz
17f4f48517453821a8c28cbce4d219b6946b7b50 rt-4.0.2rc1.tar.gz.sig

This release contains a number of bugfixes and small improvements since
4.0.1, as well as some larger changes:

  • Rewritten forward functionality to generate mail that better
    represents the original messages received by RT

  • Removal of the pure Perl Javascript::Minifier module which slowed down
    initial requests to new webserver children. jsmin or another external
    minifier is now required to minify RT’s javascript.

  • Fix for a regression that caused group dashboards to vanish after
    creation and not appear in the list of dashboards

A complete changelog is available from git by running git log rt-4.0.1..rt-4.0.2rc1 on the 4.0.2-releng branch.


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