RT-3.8.1 Search Ticket/cycle to login screen

Hi folks,

I’m running CentOS release 5.2 with all the latest yum updates. I was
running 3.6.5 and updated
to 3.8.1. The upgrade looks like it went through successfully along
with the upgrade of the mysql

I tried to build mysql-administrator
(mysql-administrator-1.0.20-1.el4.kb.src.rpm). In order to
use the rpmbuild for this, I had to add some older packages. Some of
these were:

gtkmm20-2.2.12-1.i386.rpm libsigc+±1.2.5-5.i386.rpm
gtkmm20-devel-2.2.12-1.i386.rpm libsigc+±devel-1.2.5-5.i386.rpm

to mention a couple.

Now, when I use the search function with rt (vs.3.8.1) it cycles me to
the login screen.
The quick search works but if you click on “Tickets” after logging in,
and try to search
on anything, it sends you back to the login screen. The same is true if
you login and go
to “Tickets” and then click “Home”, it will dump you to the login
screen. I can’t recall
if this happened before my attempts to add mysql-administrator or not.

I don’t see anything meaningful in the logs. This problem may be
self-induced from my
tampering to get an older version of mysql-administrator to work. If
so, I’ll wipe my serer
and start again clean.

However, if this is something others have seen, I was hoping there was a
solution that would
save me some time.

I’m so sorry if I’ve omitted import debugging info. I’m kind of a
newbie and feeling my way
around the software.



We have the same problem with our recent upgrade from 3.2.3 to 3.8.1 on
Gentoo. If you have or do find a solution to this, please post it here,
I’ll do the same.