RT 3.8.0rc3 now available

I’ve just rolled a third release candidate of RT 3.8.0.

This version fixes numerous small bugs and includes a fairly major set
of fixes and improvements to the new Dashboards feature.

In slightly more detail:

  • Cleaned up the code RT uses to show users’ names in the web UI
  • Fixed dashboards’ access control
  • Fixed dashboards’ search titles to be proper clickable links
  • Fixed the CSS stylesheets for emailed dashboards
  • Cleaned up several new user preferences
  • Improved support for non-ascii ticket subjects
  • Many improvements to RT’s testing infrastructure
  • Search improvements pulled forward from RT 3.6
  • Lifted dashboards from ‘Preferences’ to ‘Tools’
  • Improvements to the web-based configuration UI.

Please download RT 3.8.0rc3 from http://download.bestpractical.com/pub/rt/devel/rt-3.8.0rc3.tar.gz
and report your successes or failures back to this mailing list.

If I hear positive responses and nobody turns up anything that appears
to be majorly broken, rc3 will become RT 3.8.0 late this week.


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