RT 3.6.0pre Editing custom searches

I installed a fresh copy of 3.6.0pre0 yesterday and am using fastcgi
now. switching to Fastcg cleared up all my session issues where I
would be asked login when clicking on any link. My current question
relates to the default searches on the at a glance page.

I logged in with my account that was in one group that has only the
super-user privilege. I then edited the search on the at a glance
page and added only requester as a displayed field and moved it up on
line. Then I saved the search. upon returning to the at a glance page
no tickets are displayed for me. However other accounts now see the
requestor line in the display but the take link no longer shows. The
orginal account that edited the display also sees nothing when
clicking on the general queue (though it did before editing the view)
and If i edit the search once i have clicked on the general queue,
change nothing and click add and search it then displays the contents
of the queue again… Its all very strange.

Is there some way to reset the included searches and display’s to

One other odd bit of behavior when editing the newest unowned tickets
via the edit link on the at a glance page. It seems to default order
by to AdminCc.EmailAddress no matter what I select in that box.

Shawn Plummer
Systems Manager
CIT SUNY Geneseo
"The mind can make substance, and people planets of its own with
beings brighter than have been, and give a breath to forms which can
outlive all flesh." -Lord Byron