Rt-3.4 SSL does not like query builder URGENT HELP

Hi there;

Apology too many questions from me recently …upgrade due 2morrow …
the set up apache2, mod_perl2,mod_ssl , mason-1.3 the OS is gentoo
2.6.9-gentoo-r1 …, mysql 4 set on a remote host …
without ssl everything is fine …slower than 3.2.3 but everything is
functioning , however as soon as I run rt.mycom under ssl , the query
builder page seem to disappear (anything from add criteria and below gone)
nothing in rt.log
In error.log I get:
[Fri Sep 30 00:35:08 2005] [info] (104)Connection reset by peer:
core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Fri Sep 30 00:35:08 2005] [info] (104)Connection reset by peer: SSL output
filter write failed.

Any one had this problem…