RT 3.2.2 and cc/bcc fields

Hey all,

I’m testing functionality of RT 3.2.2, and I ran across the problem described

Re: CC fields in comment/reply form Remove Highlighting [In reply to]
wozz+rt@wookie.net wrote:

From perusing the archives, it would appear that the CC and Bcc fields in the
reply/comment form don’t perform any function, and there are no built in
scrips to handle this. Is this correct? If so, where would that data (the
CC and Bcc field contents) be accessible in the transaction (so I could write
my own scrip for it)

You want the NotifyOtherRecipients and NotifyOtherRecipientsAsComment

I added a scrip, and indeed, it worked as I’d like it to (that is, the manual cc
and bcc fields send out mail even on a comment). 2 things:

  1. In RT 3.0.12 and RT 3.0.11 at least, I didn’t need a scrip for this.
    (Before that, we did need a scrip, according to my own notes). Why did this
    change, and will it change back again?

  2. If this is indeed the way it’s going to stay, you may want to get rid of the
    text that says "Sends a carbon-copy of this update to a comma-delimited list of
    email addresses. . . " since it’s misleading. It won’t send unless you have a

-Sheeri Kritzer
Systems Administrator
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