RT 3.2.0 now available

I’m pleased to announce the public release of RT 3.2.0. RT 3.2 represents
over 15 months of new development and includes a number of new
features and improvements, as well as streamlined installation and
upgrade procedures.

This version of RT features a major overhaul to RT’s searching system,
including support for saved searches, direct download of search results
to Microsoft Excel and a powerful new query builder. You can find a
brief summary of many of the major changes since RT 3.0 at the end of
this announcement.

We always look forward to hearing your feedback about this or any release
on the rt-users mailing list. (rt-users Info Page)

For commercial support, please contact us at sales@bestpractical.com.

RT 3.2.0 is immediately available from:


MD5 sums for this release:

42952688a95e301556e0f520216bdf17  rt-3.2.0.tar.gz
1b3bad77be243b8623901208d1942380  rt-3.2.0.tar.gz.sig

Jesse Vincent
Best Practical Solutions, LLC

Abbreviated Changelog

Email handling

* Preview who will receive email about new ticket updates before you
  send your message
* You can disable notification to individual users on a per-ticket
* RT provides a full historical view of each message RT sends including 
  all message headers
* HTML email and image attachments are now displayed inline when viewing 
  a ticket


* RT now sports a brand-new search user interface, retooled to
  make it easier to build much more complex queries
* Now you can save searches and optionally to share them with groups
  of your coworkers
* Search results can be displayed in a per-query customizable format.
* Search results are now downloadable as tab-delimited data, perfect for
  importing into Microsoft Excel(tm).
* Search results can now be syndicated as RSS feeds
* Search results can be downloaded in a simple text format, modified 
  and re-uploaded later

Web interface

* The homepage has been overhauled to provide a "quick ticket creation"
  form and a list of the newest unowned tickets 
* The user interface has received a minor facelift
* Every 'box' in RT can now be opened or closed on the fly


* RT now supports single-user installations on the SQLite embedded 
  database  engine instead of a full database server

Web server

* RT now supports single-user installations with a stand-alone HTTP server 
  instead of an external web server like Apache


* RT now provides an 'Attributes' table, which allows local developers
  to easily extend all of RT's database tables with new read/write
  attributes without needing to modify RT's core schema

* Code has been refactored, cleaned up and more extensively tested 
  throughout the system  

RT-Announce mailing list

  • Jesse Vincent:
* RT provides a full historical view of each message RT sends including 
  all message headers

Unfortunately, RT writes the message as-is to the database. This
means that if it isn’t encoded in UTF-8, and the database is
configured to use UTF-8, the transaction will be aborted because of an
error. (I’ve seen this on PostgreSQL 7.4.)

This particular bug might be caused by a locally modified SendEmail.pm
which does not perform proper quoted-printable encoding, I haven’t
tried the official version yet.