RT 3.0.9 on WinNT does not work :(


I tried to install the RT 3.0.9 executable from
on a Windows NT machine with and without administrator rights. The installer
tried to install the apache service, but it was not there. I manually
installed the apache service, but the httpd.conf was wrong (and much too
small). I
tried to set the paths there, and apache starts, but it does not parse perl.
So I tried to use the httpd.conf-dist in the “Request Tracker/winrt/conf”
directory. When starting the apache service using THIS config-file, it eats
around 500MB of memory, does that around one minute and then dies.

Any hint how to get RT running on win32? Maybe without that installer? Any
good documentation around? I think I can get a win2k-machine, too, if NT is
too old.

Thank you!


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