Rt-3.0.7_01 patch for mod_perl 2 redirect issue

This patch is intendent to try an address "The page has moved to …“
when doing a
quick search in rt 3.0.7_01 running under mod_perl2 (1.99). The patch
uses html
"refresh” instead of mod_perl “redirect” when mod_perl2 has been detected.
Try it with caution as it is still being tested. So far it is known to
work on Mozilla 1.4,
Konquerer 3.1, I.E. 6 and Opera 7.11 with automatic redirection is
turned on in
Preferences > Privacy.

Note, since meta refresh is used, after clicking on “Search” button, the
current contents
are displayed before the refresh is complete.

To apply that patch (get a backup of the original file):
patch -b /the/path/to/rt3/share/html/index.html

index.html.modperl2-patch1 (2.27 KB)