RT 3.0.3 release candidate 1

RT 3.0.3rc1 is now available. (3.0.3pre5 was briefly available this
evening). While there are always more tweaks, improvements and fixes
that can be rolled into a testing release, there comes a time in every
release cycle where a line must be drawn in the sand.

From this point forward, the only changes to be committed to the RT 3.0
tree before the release of RT 3.0.3 will be Major bug fixes and fixes
for regressions relative to RT 3.0.2.

3.0.3 has been percolating for about 5 weeks and is pretty much ready
for release. Unless there’s a catastrophe, the code will likely be
released in the early hours of 21 June 2003 (US/Eastern) as a small
birthday present to myself :wink:


Project “rt.3”, Branch 0 Page 1
Change Log Wed Jun 18 01:27:19 2003

rt.3.D000, C0, jesse, Thu Mar 13 20:43:23 2003, RT: Request Tracker, branch 3.0.
RT: Request Tracker, branch 3.0.

Change Delta  Brief Description
 137    105	  #2813 Duplicate tickets created at the same time could cause a
	  user creation race condition
 138    106	  Importing minor bugfixes from ourinternet
 139    107	  #2816 new callback to ShowLinks
 150    108	  #2799: Display URIs instead of HREFs in ticket display
 151    109	  #2797 Clean up automatich chmodding on installation
 152    110	  ShowRequestor takes path
 153    111	  SystemInternal group ACLs in setup
 155    112	  Better encoding and error checking for message headers
 156    113	  better handle notification messages containing only text/html
 157    114	  Bumping to 3.0.3pre5
 158    115	  More I18N fixes from ourinternet
 159    116	  Bumping version to RC-1

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