RT 3.0.2pre3 (Pre-release for RT 3.0.2)

RT 3.0.2 will be released later this week to correct issues some users
have found in RT 3.0.1. We believe that 3.0.2pre3 (the third
pre-release of RT 3.0.2) addresses these issues well enough that
end-users should consider upgrading to it if they’re experiencing issues
with RT 3.0.1.

This release can be downloaded at:



Change Delta  Brief Description
  63     38	  Fixing a showmessagestanza bug found in RTIR

	Certain extensions to RT using Callbacks on ticket message 
	display would fail. This does not affect most end users.

  65     39	  Fixing an untainting bug in 3.0.1
	Users of the FastCGI and SpeedyCGI handlers, as well as
	users of the mod_perl handler with perl tainting enabled
	would be unable to launch RT's web interface.

  66     40	  Quicksearch bug fix from Stan

  		Searches for "open tickets in queue _____" from the RT
	home page wouldn't properly initiate a new search

  67     41	  updating autrijus' autohandler patch. seems to break lots of

	A first pass at fixing an issue some users saw when
	passing multiple http query parameters with the same
	name. This would manifest itself as garbled ticket
	searches and the inability to add multiple user rights
	at the same time.

  68     42	  Bumping to 3.0.2pre1
  69     43	  make ids clicky
	Some ticket listings didn't have clickable ticket ids,
	which made selection of those tickets difficult if the
	ticket subject was blank.

  70     44	  fixing utf8 tainting issue in autohandler; bumped to 3.0.2pre2
	Second attempt at fixing the issue detailed in change 67.

  71     45	  Another go at fixing the ARRAY()  issue; bumping to 3.0.2pre3
	Third attempt at fixing the issue detailed in change 67.

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another small fix:

In Makefile, in fixperms section, RT_LOG_PATH must be set with writing
permission for WEB_USER/WEB_GROUP

By the way, with the default logging settings,
this is what Apache error_log says:

unix passed to setlogsock, but path not available at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_
perl/5.8.0/Log/Dispatch/Syslog.pm line 66

I dunno what should be changed here…


It’s a bug with solaris and perl 5.8.0.

Check out
http://archive.develooper.com/perl5-porters@perl.org/msg89347.html for a
patch. This patch didn’t entirely help me, more tweaking was needed.
Stay in touch if you want more info.


Stanislav Sinyagin wrote: