Rt-3.0.10-3 rpm install question


Our IT group would like to evaluate RT. We have a Red Hat Enterprise
Linux version 3 server. The RPM version seems the quickest way to get it
I have read the RPM Install page.

Before updating the Red Hat rpms, I notice that some of the rt-3.0.10-3 rpm
packages already exist on the system with different version numbers:

RHEL3 rpm:

perl-CGI- built 01 Feb 2005
perl-DBI-1.32-9 built 24 Jan 2005
perl-HTML-Parser-3.26.17 built 27 Jan 2003

rt-3.0.10-3 rpm:


You can see some of Red Hat packages have been recently back-ported
and probably revised more recently than the higher numbered versions
which come with the rt-3.0.10-3 system.

Should I keep the Red Hat rpms?

Should I replace the Red Hat rpms with the rt-3.0.10-3 rpms?
– If so, how will this affect the future Red Hat rpm updates?
– I would expect a problem next time I run # up2date --update
– since the version numbers would have changed for these packages.

Thank you,