Rt 2.1.73

Hammer on 2.1.73 for a couple days and I’ll call it Beta 2 if nothing
big pops up.


Combined release notes for RT 2.1.71, 2.1.72 and 2.1.73

 	* Ticket searching for "Is Not Null" fixed
* New Ticket search infrastructure
* Custom Field searching enhanced and fixed
* New API functions to make building custom UI with custom fields easier
* Login copyright fixed
* Cleanups and fixes to the callback system
* Fixes to Transaction Create to better check for bogus data
* Minor fixes to Scrip Editing
* Various minor UI cleanups
* "Resolved" date now gets set on Resolve, Reject or Delete.
* If a message can't be transcoded to UTF-8, Try harder and more carefully than before.
* Scrips are now installed by default.
* Scrips for approvals are now installed by default
* "Open Ticket on Correspond" functionality has been extracted to a scrip
* Infrastructure for database additions during upgrades has been put in place
* Removed some legacy code 
* improved keyboard navigation
* Search paging has been fixed.
* Fix logging typos in links and acls
* When sending notifications via scrips, RT can now optionally attach attachments
  to messages it sends if the scrip's template contains the header "RT-Attach-Message: yes"
* Fixed a bug that prevented updates by mail from new users
* RT now provides much more detailed and much more useful logging for messages it sends 
  via scrips

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