Rt 2.0.2

I’m pleased to announce the first stable release of RT in about 12 days.
If you’re running RT2 in production, I’d strongly recommend an upgrade to
2.0.2. It’s newer and shinier and has fewer known bugs.

As always, you can download it from ftp://ftp.fsck.com/pub/rt/release/rt.tar.gz

An abbreviated changelog of the differences between 2.0.1 and 2.0.2:

Added support for --limit-queue to  RT cli tool
Added support for bookmarkable searches.
Better error checking in User ACL checking
Fixed an ACL check bug in KeywordSelect.pm, thanks to Matthew Stock.
Fix for a users search bug and a clarification of another search option.
By default, Queues, Users and Keywords are now sorted alphabetically
Permissions fix for the data dirs for the fastcgi handler
rt/etc is now mode 755, rather than 555.
The fastcgi handler no longer drops setgidness, so it can deal with session files.
Cleaned up the config file a bit to make installation easier.
Cleaned up phrasing of the "Tickets I own dialogbox"
Changed Makefile to not use MAN[13]INSTALLSITEPATH per Robert Shaw's changes
Added a newline to Queue.pm to fix a documentation bug
RT should now honor queue-level pseudogroup memebership for ACL checks.
Also, simplified some of the queue related ACL checking code.
Reduced the ACL permissions cache from 30sec to 10sec.
Added Transaction->BriefDescription, which is just like Description without the "By actor" at the end

Descriptions of Keyword operations should include _which_ keyword select from here on in 
TTicket->Create no longer just adds admin ccs..unless the person doing the add has the right to do so.  otherwise, there was an ACL related attack that
could happen. luckily none of the UI exposed this hole.
Ticket->Create should now be able to set keywords on create
Ticket->Create now reports back non-fatal errors and how they were dealt with
Ticket->AddKeyword got split into AddKeyword and _AddKeyword. The former
has the acl check and calls the latter. the latter just does the adding.
Ticket->AddKeyword got a Silent flag, which causes a transaction not
to be written. useful on ticket create.
Added tests for Apache::Cookie and DBI 1.18 to testdeps
Added the ability for requestors to use the self-service ui to comment on / reply to tickets.
Fixed a link to Users/Modify.html in Queue/People.html
Fix for the chown problem that some people were seeing with mod_perl on solaris
Fixed typo in the cron job description in the README

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And I’m told we do share some common rituals. Our “flame war” is apparently
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