RT:2.0.15 New Install - Listing tickets

I just installed RT 2.0.15 with mysql (Oracle was not working out…).
I successfully configured the email bit and am able to create tickets
when I send mail to the “queue”. That works pretty well! I am however,
unable to see a list of tickets when I log in(root). In the “Home” page
(after I log in) I see “25 highest priority tickets I own…” and “25
highest priority tickets I requested…”. Both show up nothing. The
"Find new/open tickets" summary box on the home page shows that I have 2
new tickets (resulting from the two emails I sent). I however do not see
the tickets anywhere.

I click on the queue name and that takes me into the search page for
that queue. After entering the search criteria, I still fail to bring up
the list of tickets… what’s going on? Is there a permissions issue? I
am in as root.

Is there a log file where I can see what’s going on or any error
messages that were encountered?

Thanks in advance!