RT 2.0.1 released

I’m happy to announce RT 2.0.1. It’s immediately available from

It fixes the import issues most folks were seeing, as well as many of the
Cookie related issues people were seeing.



No longer log things of less than ‘error’ to the logfile

Fixes to allow search-by-requestor to search for requestors who don’t have RT

Change to Tickets.pm to fix description of watcher limits

Added some polite comments to the README about supporting the development of RT with contracts, cash or gifts

Make sure that the setgid programs don’t drop setgidness before trying to open

Taint fixes for ScripAction, ScripCondtion,Template.

Header wrapping fix in Template.pm.

Fix in Ticket.pm to make EffectiveId a public field.

Updates to make Correspondence on a closed or stalled ticket reopen the ticket

bin/rt will now show transactions of type ‘text’

Added a few comments to config.pm about configuration variables

Applied a patch from ivan to deal with poorly formed mime messages and clean
up the attachment proccessing code.


Switched mysql to use LONGTEXT rather than LONGBLOB to get case insensitive searching. To take advantage of this if you’re already running 2.0.0, you’ll need
to alter the DB schema

Web interface
Fix for the weird sessiondata permissions bug folks have seen on solaris

Now SelfService displays attachments of type ‘text’

Minor fixes to webmux.pl for content type stuff.

Web ui now supports ‘SearchByPriority’

With the web ticket display, now display attachments of type ‘text’ properly.

Web interface now has a download link for every MIME object.

Changed web interface terminology from SubTickets/SuperTickets to

Added notes to the effect that the speedycgi and fastcgi handlers aren’t

Switched mod_perl hander to use Apache::Cookie

Refactored mime type handling to properly set the mime type with the modperl
handler and the fastcgi handler

FastCGI handler now seems stable and functional

Requestor-mode UI now lets the requestor see attachments

ShowTransaction now no longer displays ‘Comment’ and ‘Reply’ if the user
doesn’t have the right rights.

SelfService uses the ‘standard’ ShowTransaction.

SelfService now displays Attachments

Logging out now clears the session hash, rather than detaching a perfectly good session. (This gets around an obnoxious tainting issue too)

Changed default attachment display type to text/plain from text/html

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