RT-2.0.1: how to change default templates?

Goodmorning everyone!

I have to little questions left on how to change the default templates in RT

Can someone tell me how to change the URL like here below in the mail you
get back?

Mon Jul 16 03:17:58 2001: Request 367 was acted upon.
Transaction: Status changed from new to resolved by hendrik descamps
Queue: aquanta-queue
Owner: hendrik descamps
Requestors: pberlinger@telegroup.com
Status: resolved
Ticket <URL:
http://RT::WebBaseURL.not.configured:80/Ticket/Display.html?id=367 >

I looked everywhere, also in the config.pm and changed it, but it doesn’t
change this…

And how can you you change the RT/example.com: Ticket #371 in the main
windows via the Web UI?
This is also in the From field of an email… and I can’t change it…

It seems to be that the config.pm hasn’t any effect anymore after first time

Best Regards,
Any help would be great…

All the best!
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