Rt 1.3.66

RT 1.3.66 includes more churn than other recent releases and, consequently,
may be less stable. It fixes all but one of the issues targeted at beta 2
and several targeted at beta 3.

2001-03-31 03:07 jesse

    * Makefile:

    fixing Changelog generation

2001-03-31 02:52 jesse

    * Makefile:

    Bumped the version.

2001-03-31 02:52 jesse

    * webrt/User/Prefs.html:

    Cleaned up user preferences somewhat. removed things that don't do anyth



2001-03-31 01:59 jesse

    * bin/rt:

    Fix for #88   RT now lets you use the CLI to search for tickets, based o

n links to other tickets

2001-03-31 01:20 jesse

    * README:

    Fix for #216: Web session files need better handling and cleanup

2001-03-31 00:49 jesse

    * Makefile, README, bin/rtadmin, bin/webmux.pl, etc/config.pm:

    Moved RT Session data out of /tmp to somewhere that makes more sense.
    This is the first half of the fix for #216.  Now we just need to documen

t the cronjob reaper to kill old sessions

    Cleaned up creation of queues and users in bin/rtadmin

    Updates to the README

2001-03-30 23:44 jesse

    * lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

    Fix for http://fsck.com/rt2/Ticket/Display.html?id=324
    mail from requestors does not reopen ticket

2001-03-30 23:19 jesse

    * bin/rtadmin, lib/RT/Queue.pm, lib/RT/Watcher.pm:

    Work on Watchers and editing watchers from the CLI tool.  added support 

for --list-{queues|users|groups}

2001-03-30 19:31 jesse

    * bin/rt, lib/RT/ACE.pm, lib/RT/Queue.pm, lib/RT/Ticket.pm,
    lib/RT/Tickets.pm, lib/RT/Watcher.pm, lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm,

    A bunch of reworking of access control for watchers. should be much more

and more flexible.

    Resolves http://fsck.com/rt2/Ticket/Display.html?id=253 by adding the "W

atch" and “WatchAsAdminCc” rights.

2001-03-30 15:41 jesse

    * lib/RT/: Action/Notify.pm, Interface/Web.pm:

    Tiny cleanup in Interface/Web.pm.  no functional difference there just b

eing more explicit.

    Fix for #292: Sender of a message is no longer notified of that message.

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