RT 1.3.6, the "quantum decoherence" release

Same bat-deal. Same bat-ftp-server. RT 1.3.6 includes the first
bits of the new web ui, stub code for links, the first vestiges of ACL
support (nothing usable there yet) and a mostly working CLI. It’s still
just for hackers, but folks who want to start to write code for RT2 are
encouraged to haul it down and open it up and poke around.


jesse reed vincent – jrvincent@wesleyan.edu – jesse@fsck.com
pgp keyprint: 50 41 9C 03 D0 BC BC C8 2C B9 77 26 6F E1 EB 91
…realized that the entire structure of the net could be changed to be made
more efficient, elegant, and spontaneously make more money for everyone
involved. It’s a marvelously simple diagram, but this form doesn’t have a way
for me to draw it. It’ll wait. -Adam Hirsch