RT 1.0.5pre2

Ok. I finally suckered someone into doing the right thing for suidrt.c.
The LD_PRELOAD clobbering trick on operating systems with broken dynamic
linkers has been fixed by only allowing a specific watch-list of environment
variables to filter through to RT. In addition, this version includes
a fix for the bug that made the display of merged tickets by their old id
problematic. And there’s now a testdeps.pl script that should help
newbies get RT set up without having to ask rt-users why CGI.pm is broken :slight_smile:


make upgrade-noclobber should make upgrades from rt.1.0.0 or newer painless.

I’d like to hear a few reports of how well this version works. If there
are no major headaches, this will become 1.0.5.


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