RSS Feed

I read previous posts on how to show RT feeds in an RSS reader.

  1. Tried about 5 RSS readers, none worked (including Live Bookmark in Firefox)

  2. Tried several ways to insert HTTP Auth info in the URL

    None worked.
    Actually even pasting such URLs in the browser doesn’t show anything
    but login screen, which means such auth methods don’t work at all.
    (Above “URLs” are simplified and just show how I pass
    username/password to RT, real URLs are quite long)
    I tried pasting the URL in Firefox, MSIE, lynx and using wget (needs
    escape char before the brackets in the link, but still cannot download
    the RDF file), didn’t work.
  1. Tried downloading the RSS file from the browser GUI and saving it
    to a disk - the feed looks OK in text editor.

Is it only me? Any ideas?