RSS feed from within CAS protected (WebExternalAuth=1) RT website

Not really a RT issue, but since it came up in the process of setting it up :slight_smile:

In short, my entire RT website (except for /NoAuth/) is CAS-protected (with Set($WebExternalAuth, 1)). So as my CAS “timesout” (or whatever it does), my RSS feed of RT tickets stops working. Logging in to RT (via CAS) makes RSS ok again.

Going directly to …/rt3/share/html/Search/Results.rdf just redirects me to our CAS login page. After that, it redirects me back to the RSS feed, and I’m fine.

So I tried copying the …/rt3/share/html/Search/Results.rdf over to …/rt3/share/html/NoAuth/Results.rdf and then went to it directly. This gives me the error:
“Invalid at the top level of the document.
Line: 1 Character: 1
Can’t call method “HasRight” on an undefined value at /opt/rt3/bin/…/lib/RT/ line 3351.”

using IE7. Using Firefox3, I get roughly the same message.

I didn’t want to start copying a bunch of files over from the “real” RT3 to my /NoAuth/ directory. If it’s only one or two, I suppose I could, and if that’s the case, and anyone knows what those files are, I’d appreciate a note.

Otherwise, if there is an easier/better way to do it, a note on that would be greatly appreciated as well.

RT-3.8.2 on OpenBSD-4.4 using Apache-2.2.11 with ModPerl-2.0.4, MySQL-5.0.67, OpenSSL 0.98i, and mod_auth_cas-1.0.8.

Aside from the RSS bit (and only when my CAS expires/timeouts), it’s working fine :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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