Routes for the REST 2.0 API

So I’ve been trying to play around with some of the routes in the REST2 API as I have been trying to adopt it. However, I was wondering how to query tickets based on the owner and statsu (queue/in progress). I have tried to access the tickets with the route: https://myrtdomain/REST/2.0/tickets but I see no tickets despite the fact that tickets do exist. When looking at https://myrtdomain/REST/2.0/queues/all I do receive around 20 queues.

I believe you can use ticket SQL syntax:

Is there anyway I can read up on TicketSQL syntax (/is this proprietary to RT). I got the subject but I am trying to filter tickets by severity, owner, subject and other properties that I am not sure how to use.

You can do a search in the RT web UI and then click the ‘Advanced’ tab and see the search query that was generated and that is TicketSQL

There’s an RT Wiki page about TicketSQL that might help. Just remember that its a really cut down version of SQL that just deals with tickets. Nothing in there for heavy duty searching based on transactions, articles, etc.